Ovarian Cyst Weight Gain

Why is weight gain common in women with ovarian cysts? Women everywhere are concerned about ovarian cyst weight gain along with other effects and symptoms of this illness and would like to know how this can be managed.

Weight gain in women with ovarian cysts is common due to the imbalance on the female hormones which are released by the ovaries. Hormones such as estrogen and progesterone are released by the ovaries; any factor like ovarian cysts and health conditions can affect the release of these hormones causing hormonal imbalances affecting insulin levels. Insulin is needed to digest sugars, starches and most of the nutrients that are utilized by the body.

Ovarian cyst weight gain can ultimately lead to obesity and being overweight no matter no matter how a person indulges in diet and exercise. It may also later affect a woman’s self esteem. However, weight gain is still manageable and can be reduced through simple techniques:

  1. Reducing your calorie intake can improve your weight. You need to reduce your total calorie deficit and according to the National Institute of Health, you can lose 1 pound when you reduce 3,500 calories. A steady calorie deficit of 500 calories in a day will reduce your weight to a pound each week.

  3. Eat only natural or organic foods. There is a direct link between weight loss and the decrease in the risk of developing polycystic ovary syndrome. Processed foods are usually made of sugars that can only make you gain weight more.

  5. Add more fiber to your diet. Ovarian cyst weight gain may be reduced if you eat more foods high in fiber. Fiber in foods can improve digestion, reduce blood sugar levels and help the body absorb more nutrients in the food we eat. Fiber rich foods are legumes, whole wheat bread, whole grains and vegetables.

  7. Eat foods that have lower calorie levels but have amazing vitamin and mineral content. Fruits and vegetable can help lower calorie intake and provide excellent sources of nutrients and fiber.

  9. Limit your saturated fat intake through avoiding foods that have high fat content. When minimizing your saturated fat content you can ultimately improve your weight and reduce the symptoms of ovarian cysts.

  11. Exercise is still the best way to reduce weight. Ovarian cyst weight gain can be reduced through an efficient exercise regimen and cardio workout routine. Talk to a fitness expert if you wish to learn effective exercises.

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