Leaking Ovarian Cyst

A leaking ovarian cyst is a complication of an ovarian cyst in which the contents of the cyst leak out of the surrounding tissues. Almost all women develop ovarian cysts at some point of their life and may never even know about it. Ovarian cysts usually disappear even without surgery however; there are times when cysts filled with either blood or fluid rupture and leak.

Experts agree that leaking ovarian cysts are harmless and may even be a part of the healing process; however, when cysts rupture and begin to leak substances that are harmful to the ovaries and the surrounding organs. Cysts often burst when there is direct trauma to the cysts or as a mechanism to relieve pressure inside the cyst’s body.

Leaking ovarian cysts may pose as a danger to surrounding tissues especially when the cyst is filled with greasy liquid as in the case of dermoid cysts; leaking of this type of cysts can cause severe pain and infection. If an ovarian cyst is found near a blood vessel, it can leak blood leading to blood clots and internal bleeding if not treated immediately.

An ultrasound of the reproductive system is the best way to diagnose ovarian cysts, especially leaking cysts. To specifically know what kind of fluid is found inside a cyst, a procedure wherein a needle is inserted through the walls of the vagina to take a specimen.



The actual cause of developing leaking ovarian cysts is not known however, there are different predisposing factors like age, unhealthy lifestyle, smoking, obesity or being overweight and genetic factors can increase your risk.


Leaking ovarian cysts are painful and many also have symptoms like nausea, vomiting, bloating, irregular menstruation, abdominal discomfort, moderate to high fever and bowel problems.


Leaking ovarian cysts that are found to be benign which measured 6 cm but less than 15 must be removed surgically. The surgical procedure used to remove cysts is laparoscopy. Larger cysts are often removed through more invasive procedures wherein not only the cysts are removed but the ovaries and the fallopian tubes as well.

Leaking ovarian cysts that are found to be cancerous are removed through a surgical procedure called total hysterectomy where the ovaries, fallopian tubes and the uterus are removed. This ensures that the cancerous growth is contained without the worry of contamination of other organs of the body.

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